MHPOABC AGM and Conference

The Annual General Meeting and Conference of the Manufactured Home Park Owners' Alliance of BC is being held in Harrison Hot Springs on October 2 and 3, 2015.

2015 Rent Control Limit

For Notices of Rent Increase taking affect in 2015, the maximum amount rent can be raised is by 2.5%.

PAMA Workshop

"Damages Under the Deductible in Stratas" will be held at the Comfort Inn in Victoria on September 17th.

PAMA Workshop

"Requirement to Provide All Electronic Records" will be held at the Italian Cultural Centre in Vancouver on September 16th.

Do you know what to do if...

Important Industry News

... a tenant passed away and her daughter wants access to the rental unit?
​... a fire made a unit unfit for occupancy, and the tenants want to be put up in a hotel?
... your Strata Council has a bylaw restricting occupancy to persons over 45 (the Human Rights Code prohibits discrimination in rentals based on age) and the owner wants to rent to a 30 year old?
... a new tenant hasn’t moved in yet, but is refusing to pay the security deposit?
... the Building Manager served a Notice to End Tenancy on the tenant - in a pub?
... an otherwise satisfactory tenant won’t allow entry to do an annual suite inspection?
... an owner wants to convert a fitness room to storage - and access to the fitness room is included in the tenancy agreements?

Whether you rent out the basement suite in your home, act as a Property Manager for hundreds of rental units, operate a manufactured home park - or anything in between - with over 25 years' experience serving residential landlords and BC's housing market,  A. G. Kemp & Associates is here to help you succeed as a landlord.